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Street Fighter is one of the most popular series of fight games
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Street Fighter, released in 1987 by Capcom, is one of the most popular series of fight games. Get Free Flash Games, brings you a flash version of this classic, recreating the final fight between Ryu and one of his most fierce rivals, the powerful Sagat. After being defeated by Ryu in their last fight and with an awful scar in his chest, Sagat is ready to face his legendary opponent. Sagat’s classic attacks are the Tiger Shot, Tiger Uppercut and Tiger Blow.
To start playing you simply need to click on the game. As it is a flash game, you do not need to download or install any software, you can play straightaway.
In order to take control of Ryu's movements you have to use your keyboard. Some may find that playing with the keyboard may be not very comfortable, but you will soon get used to it. Use the arrow keys to move Ryu in both directions, also to jump. The keys A, S, D, Z, X and C alone or combined will be used to perform Ryu’s famous attacks. The Dragon Punch could be executed by pressing the combination A+S+down. While to perform the powerful Hurricane Kick you will use the combination Z+C or Z+X. And finally The Ball of Fire with the combination of A+S or S+D. This game looks exactly the same as the original, and in fact the general gameplay is similar. However, Street Fighter fans will immediately notice some differences and limitations when performing the special attacks.
Visually, the game looks excellent, and the music, sound effects and voices are fine as well. This flash version is great, as you will find intense action, violent attacks and a historical fight to be the strongest fighter ever. It is still greatly entertaining and addicting. Nostalgics and new players will surely have a great time trying this classic game.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • intense action
  • highly entertaining
  • no download required


  • fans will find some differences with the original
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